We all get stuck in patterns that don’t serve our higher needs.  We get conditioned to think in the same way and expect different results.  Having a different result starts with our mindset.

Today I’d like to share with you 5 quick ways to welcome abundance that will gently move your mindset out of scarcity and into abundance.

First, we need to recognize the negative paradigm we are subject to, like “good things don’t come my way.” This expression creates a set of expectations that our unconscious, in its infinite power to create, will make come true.

Do you wait for the other shoe to drop every time something significant happens in your life? Assumption…. “scarcity”

How do you embrace the abundance that wants to enter your life? If you’d like to take the fast track from scarcity to abundance, you can observe patterns in people who attract abundance and adopt them.

For now, let’s talk mindset.

1. Gratitude is a Prime Manifesting Force

Quickly, without taking too much time, bring to mind 10 things you are grateful for.   Perhaps it is the constant presence of a beloved pet or your home, or perhaps the loyal friend who is there for you, or you are grateful for your health.  Whatever things come to mind, quickly say, “I’m grateful for ______,”  Then move to the next gratitude and the next one.  If you are tuned to genuine gratitude, your mindset will likely shift way before you get to the 10th gratitude.  Repeat this quick exercise as many times in the day as needed to keep you in an uplifted mindset.

Gratitude is a prime manifesting force in this way.  Remember the last time you were grateful for something?  You usually expressed gratitude after you received the gift or the help, right?  Well, the way manifesting works is that when we express gratitude for something that hasn’t happened yet, we are expressing our desire and appreciation simultaneously. That gratitude is filled with emotion and sends your rocket of desire out even further so that the right situation, person, place, or thing will “hear it” and respond.  You can learn more about launching your rockets of desire in the Manifesting Guide here.  In celebration of spring, if you purchase this guide before March 31st, 2023, you’ll receive a 30-minute Launch Your Rocket of Desire sessionClick here to email me after you have purchased the guide to claim your gift.

2. 99% of Abundance is Elevating our Awareness

If we don’t have awareness about what would make us happy, we are stalemated. We aren’t able to choose even when what we want is right in front of us.
What do you want, not just kind of want, but really want at a gut level? Great start; now you need to ensure that what you want aligns with who you are, your values, your internals. The Manifesting Guide has a whole chapter on this that shows you how to get your unconscious aligned with what you want. In celebration of spring, if you purchase this guide before March 31st, 2023, you’ll receive a 30-minute VIP Breakthrough sessionClick here to email me after you have purchased the guide to claim your gift.

3. Take Personal Responsibility

Not taking personal ownership and responsibility makes us impotent. Realize that is an old pattern in your past and say, “today, I choose to commit to taking responsibility for generating abundance in all areas of my life.” When we blame others, we give our manifesting power away. We are in a sense saying, “my solution has to come through that person.”

Blaming keeps us waiting and obviously can increase scarcity.

Then consider this… the universe literally can be concerned to send you anything because you could “harm” the giver.

4. Where are You Resisting Life? 

Consider the way electricity flowing through wires. The conductivity of metal is key to the flow of electricity (currency). We need to be the same; stop resisting. Where you are “resisting letting life in?” Where are the arguments about what is happening in your life right now?

Often when we are resisting something there is fear around it. We worry about the worst-case thing happening. Resistance is always fear and scarcity-based.

1. Then ask yourself, are you holding on to fear or stepping boldly into your greatness? The difference between fear and greatness is where we put our focus and where focus goes, energy flows.

2. Authentically show up and accept your life situation. Acceptance can move us into action. When we know what we want to change, we feel empowered to take action. In that empowered stay, it is easier to release patterns and behavior and change our scarcity mindset into welcoming abundance.

Until we do the things we want to do, we aren’t operating as our best self.

5. Scarcity Mindset Thrives in Indecision and Abhors Clarity and Action 

Ok, now you need to put what you have learned into action. Anchor your learning: Get into motion. (I am not a big believer in affirmations as a way to change big things.) What is one thing you can do to move into motion? Perhaps set an objective, start small, clean out a junk drawer, or give away unwanted things.

Ask yourself, where is my awareness? Where is my fear?
…. this is where you unconsciously choose to live until you consciously choose abundance.