We all want quick fixes when we are in a state of frustration or suffering.  There is nothing wrong with changing our emotional state so we feel better in the moment especially when that leads us to positive action.

Learn what to do when quick fixes like affirmations don’t work so you are able to create lasting change.

What we covered in this show:

Topic 1:  How accomplishing anything BEGINS with desirability

Topic 2:  Why affirmations alone can set you up for ‘failure’

Topic 3:  An effective use of affirmations

Topic 4: How Cybernetic Transposition makes affirmations come true for real

Before we start talking about affirmation lets talk about the importance of desirability and how it fuels us.

Topic 1:  How Accomplishing Anything BEGINS with Desirability

Does it mean we simply have to WANT something really, really a lot and we will get it? Like money perhaps?  Ok, are you really sure you want more money?  If yes, then we have the first requirement met…the desirability is real.  But that doesn’t seem to be enough, does it?  If it were only a matter of something being important enough and desirable then we would have it…but reality is that whatever you are working towards accomplishing now whether it is money, or a better job or a better connection with a loved one our WANTING isn’t enough.  There must be a missing piece.   Otherwise simply stating an affirmation make it so?

There is a phrase that has stuck with me over the years “your words are your wand.” This is a powerful knowing and can literally change your life in an instant if you are able to consciously select your words and get your unconscious aligned with your wishes.

Here is the problem, we are not trained in how to communicate with our unconscious in a positive, ‘what we want way’.  We drag our wishes around, we stop. we question our worthiness, we inject doubt and fear into it and more. And your unconscious is listening ALL the time to your conscious command.  It isn’t selective to what thoughts and feelings it pays attention to.  It doesn’t only focus on your ‘desires’ and affirmations.. It listens to all that is going on in your inner environment (your worries, your doubts, your fears about past failures) and it thinks because you are focusing on it you want more of it. 

What you Focus on Grows!

Topic 2:  Why Affirmations Alone Can Set You up For ‘Failure’

Lets start with a definition on affirmation.  According to dictionary.com clause 3. “Something that is affirmed:  a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.”

We can affirm all day long but if there is a belief that blocks the message getting to the unconscious or that the affirmation is only intellectual and not grounded in the body then the words of the affirmation simply bounce off and don’t get in.  Because it bounces off it can’t cause the necessary change which would inspire new positive action.  

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