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How connected are you to your true genius?


As you read through the following categories memories might come to mind of you experience that state of being which may help you assess where you are on right now.  On a scale of 1 to 10, (A score of 10 is the best it could be. A score of 1 means it could improve vastly), rate your life in the following areas.

If a number intuitively pops in your head, please make note of it in the chart below or you can wait until you have read all the description and get the ratings all at once for each of the categories.

Summary at the end of the quiz depending on the number of points.

max is 100 points.

Well aligned

Not at all aligned

Emotional mastery

Your emotions rule you.

  1. True-Self Alignment – Emotional Well-Being – Your Center of Gravity is Peace of mind

Example situation:  You’re on a long road trip and you hit traffic that will extend your time for 3 hours.  How do you respond?

a.  You hit the steering wheel and yell, “I can’t believe this traffic!”

b.  You call a friend and complain the traffic.

c.  You take a deep breathe and decide to pull over and wait it out.

d. You pop in a CD with relaxing music.


A high rating in this area would indicate that you generally experience a background sense of peacefulness. Even if life presents challenges you are present and know how to get yourself back to that emotional balanced state easily.  You have emotional coping skills that work for you, maybe it is meditation, talking out your challenges with a trusted friend, journaling, therapy, etc.  This doesn’t mean you are happy all the time, just that you are resilient, and you don’t experience a lot of emotional ups and downs, unresolved fears, worries or background anxiety.

You know yourself.  You’re grounded in who you are.  It’s fairly easy to say “no” and mean it.  Accepting what someone’s life choices is and not feeling overly responsible for other people’s life situations is a learned skill.  Many of us who are open-hearted, and nurturers love to help, and often other people’s emotional states or life situations can throw us off track.

An important aspect to being True Self aligned is to understand and accept our loved one’s life choices and truly feel we aren’t responsible for helping or fixing it.

We each must drive our own spaceship (life) and loved ones have to drive theirs.

No successful mindset can come from the belief that we have to fix another’s life and then we can finally relax and be happy.

The sum up this section is that your assessment comes from the sense that you know yourself and accept yourself even if you make mistakes.  A 10 would be you have an overall feeling of “I like myself and I’m doing pretty well”.

  1. Spiritual Well-Being – You Center of Gravity is Happiness and joy

This is the area of your life where you feel there is more to simply living life day to day.  You may sense there is a deeper meaning to existence. You could even feel that your life has a purpose.  There is something bigger, something benevolent that supports existence. This could turn up as a formal spiritual practice like attending a group where you get nourishment and upliftment, or just finding yourself wanting to be in service.  It could look like having your own practice of meditation.

The feeling of a spiritual connection fills you with a feeling a peacefulness that overall life is going well no matter what happens in the bigger world.  Your spiritual practice could also provide a way to calm and settle yourself through losses and discouragement.  If this describes where you are in your spiritual life it would indicate a 10 in rating.  On the other hand, if you experience anxiety or sense that life is against you, or there’s no rhyme or reason to what is happening in the world, that would indicate a lower rating.

  1. Vibrant health and energy – Physical Well-Being/Health

Do you have the energy to easily do what you want to do?  Is your sleep deep and restorative?  Is it easy to focus and think clearly and stay on task?  Is your body pain free and you feel comfortable in your skin?

Additional signs of a high rating on well-being and body health is your body is free chronic health conditions you have no need for medication to function.  Your health is good, you feel comfortable with your body even if you notice the normal signs of aging ;).

A 10 would indicate no matter your age, weight, or appearance you feel good and can easily say “yes” to life without having to figure out a work around, like I can’t live in a third floor apartment without an elevator.

  1. Financial Well-Being –  Your Center of Gravity is Material Security

The fastest way to this is to ask yourself “do I have what I need to cover life necessities?”  Now necessities are unique for every person. For example, one of my “necessities” is to take a True Self retreat at least once a year where I go off alone into nature.  I have learned given my high sensitivity this is a way to release any energies I might be carrying and recharge my vital life force.  So for me I would have that as part of my financial satisfaction.

Maybe for you, buying a coffee on route to work is nourishing and uplifting and if you have had to cut back, you’d feel the loss of that little pleasure.  Now, it is important to also consider, do you have enough saved to cover the basics for 6 months in case something happened to your work?  For some people having a retirement plan is vital to their financial well-being. If you feel that is important to you do you have a retirement plan?

There is no judgement here just tune into your feelings about how well you are doing financially and your yourself.  Rate your level of satisfaction and fulfillment in this area of your life where a 10 would be I feel secure.  I can take care of myself and my loved ones.  There is always room for growth when it comes to money, what we are looking for here is that you aren’t feeling anxious and worried about how you’ll cover your needs.  There is a sense of “I’m on a good track and the future is bright.”



  1. Intimate Relationship Satisfaction – Your Center of Gravitiy is Freedom to be yourself in your relationships

The fastest way to this might be “did you marry your best friend?”  Do you feel like you became instant family and know that you can unquestionably rely on this person through sickness and health?  This person is the first person you want to speak to when you first wake up and the last person you wish to hug before sleep.

The rating in this section is around emotional fulfillment.  Can you speak your mind?  Do you enjoy common pursuits?  Do you feel they have your back?  Are they easy to love?

If you said yes to all that you just read that would be a 10.  If you said ‘no’ to each item, likely it would be a 1.  It is important to be honest here because if we aren’t truthful with ourselves life doesn’t change.  We continue settling and talking ourselves into the unacceptable.  This book is about your getting what you want.  Self-honesty is a very big first step.

  1. Family Life/Parenting Satisfaction – Your Center of Gravity is Seeing Your Children as Friends

Do you have an authentic connection with your children, siblings or parents? Do you consider your family your friends?  If you are a parent; would you say parenting is overall easy and fulfilling or are you often in frustration and think “why did I ever have children?”  Again, there is no judgement here, but that would likely be rated a 1 in fulfillment.  You can break this category down even further if it helps you to come to a rating more easily.  Another factor that we need to address here is that sometimes there are family dynamics that no matter what you do you can’t bring peace to a sibling relationship.  That is not uncommon.  What we are looking for here is how you feel about how you turn up in your family.  Are you genuine, helpful, giving your family the benefit of the doubt or are you in argument of how they treat you or think about you?  If so, that would be a low rating.


  1. Friends/Colleagues Relationship Satisfaction – Your Center of Gravity is Having a Support Structure

Do you have close friends that you can call at a moment’s notice and talk out your day or help you make an important decision?  Do you have someone to call if your car broke down or you had to move?  Are there people in your life that make you laugh, you do fun things, you enjoy similar tastes in movies or books?  You feel a sense of being part of a tribe, not alone.  If you answered yes to all those, then that would be a rating of a 10.

8. Fulfilling and Meaningful Work – Your Center of Gravity is Living Your Purpose

This is our final category and then you’ll get on with writing down your ratings. If you have ever worked at something where you lost track of time or felt more energized at the end of your work day, then when you started than likely you would rate this area of your life a 10 in fulfillment.  On the other hand, if while you are at work you are constantly looking at the clock and wondering when your day will end you likely don’t have a work passion and this area of your life could use vast improvement.

9. Creative Self-Expression – Your Center of Gravity is Easy Access to Your inner genius

A rating of a 10 you would have easy access to problem solving.  You take joy in getting inspiration to improve yours or other’s lives.  Spontaneous problem solving comes easy to you.  You rarely stay down for long as you see a way to solve life’s problems.  You express your creative life force which doesn’t mean you have to be an artist, author, interior designer, or actor.  Creativity is not exclusive to people in the creative arts.  Creativity is a natural expression when you feel aligned with your inner being.  A lower rating would be you think other people are smarter than you.  You don’t trust your intuitive insights and feel blocked in your creative expression. You might hold back speaking about your insights because you don’t feel people would be interested.

Lutz – the following would be formated into an email sequence but not part of the quiz.

The original seed of your genius was within you when you appeared through the gateway of the womb and it is within you now.

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