Maintaining an attitude of gratitude can be difficult especially if our life is far from what we truly want.  It’s natural to become a bit resentful that life has given us a raw deal.  And then here I come and say be grateful!  Who am I to say that?

It really comes down to natural laws like this:

  • Honey attracts
  • Vinegar pushes away

The same thing applies to what we want in our life.  Gratitude is the honey.  Entitlement and demand is the vinegar.

We’ve all been there – putting vinegar out there and expecting our intentions to manifest. 
Let’s use the honey of gratitude to manifest our intentions. It is so much sweeter and so much more successful!

Listen to this radio show to learn a quick 10 minute daily exercise to elevate gratitude for yourself and then gratitude for your life and watch the magic happen.  You know it all begins with you loving and accepting yourself…that is the ultimate gratitude.  You can do this 10 minute exercise on paper or you can get the eBook with the link below.

The eBook which will give you more instruction on how to succeed with this daily process so you are manifesting your daily intentions naturally and effortlessly.  This Daily Success Journal eBook has only been available to our clients in the Highest Potential Curriculum for Self-Mastery.  You can get it for only $9.97. 



Manifesting 101: Attitude of Gratitude

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting - Get the Message Radio Show