Eliminate Emotional
Performance Blocks

Elevate Your Self-Worth and Expand
Your Capacity for Love and Wealth


Your Unconscious Mind Holds the Secrets to Unlocking Your Full Potential

What will be possible when you...

Eliminate fear?

Remove the subliminal programming that blocks your success?

Open your heart to receive more love into your life?

Blast through financial barriers?

Find out how in our self-paced video course.

Keep going to find out more.


Session 1

Recognize How
Emotional Performance Limits Stop You

  • Discover YOUR triggers
  • Liberate yourself from past mistakes
  • Embrace new opportunities
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Session 2

Tap Into the Power of Your Unconscious Mind to Heal the Past

  • Learn body awareness to discover your success blockers
  • Heal your negative programming
  • Overcome your emotional performance limits
  • Transform your past failures into your future success
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Session 3

Elevate Your Self-Worth and Expand
Your Capacity for Love and Wealth


  • Discover your earning limitations
  • Find out what your financial ceiling is
  • Elevate your self-esteem
  • Increase your capacity for more love and joy in your life
  • Clear blockers that prevent you from loving and accepting yourself
  • Learn the Past Perception Revision Process to heal old emotional wounds that block your happiness
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Session 4

Learn How to Live a Life Free of Emotional Limits

  • Prevent the formation of new Emotional Limits
  • Discover how your self-image impacts your ability to achieve goals
  • Reduce overwhelm and never overcommit again 
  • Get your zest for life back
  • Focus on what fulfills you
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Clear Blockers with Essential Oils

In this bonus audio you'll discover how to use essential oils to:

    - Acelerate the clearing of blockers
    - Transform your well-being at a cellular level


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30-Minute Private Breakthrough Session with Aryana

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In this session, I guide you through a powerful exercise to:

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- Introduce you to new possibilities in your life
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We'll design a personalized plan just for you to overcome limitations and be unstoppable in your life.

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