“I had a problem with procrastination for over ten years, and it had gotten worse. Most jobs around the house I would leave for months. Simple things like making a phone call or getting my car fixed I would easily put off. I would make an excuse or find something else to do instead.

Since working with Aryana (doing the Past Perception Revision process) on my procrastination, I don’t do it anymore. I am constantly doing what I need to do on an ongoing basis, effortlessly with zero drama. I am at peace when I do things, and I am fully committed to doing a good job and in no big hurry unless necessary. Part of the process was choosing all that as part of the desired outcome and retasking the cause/blocker to work for me instead of driving the unwanted behaviour.

It’s very empowering.”

Paul - UK

I have worked with the SACP process since 2005 and really didn’t have a lot of understanding or much success with it. I started the online course and within 2 days of starting this program, I got a $25,000 client who came forward to pay. I had this client before but a lot of obstacles came up where she wasn’t able to pay the fee for my services. So when I started with Monique’s (Aryana’s) telecourse I was able to get payment. I love the way she teaches the course she really breaks things down in the simplest terms so you understand it, you get it. What I really love is that I wake up every day looking forward to doing the processes before I would get sleepy, watch tv, get on the phone, delay it, procrastinate. Now I look forward to doing it. So, it has been pretty cool, I really like this. If you want to manifest big things, big things, I strongly urge you to work with Monique (aka Aryana). I am a manifestor and she took my manifesting to another level. Get with Aryana.

Kimberly Jessy

Publicist and Author

Monique (aka Aryana) has been teaching and coaching the Cybernetic Transposition for the past 10 years and has consistently received high praise from SACP participants for her Cybernetic Transposition coaching approach. Her coaching style is most oriented toward those who seek a nurturing, intuitively guided “healing” approach. Her coaching is fully as effective as my own where her style matches you. Her healing energy comes through extremely effectively with participants who work better with a softer coaching approach in guiding them through the CT Processes.

Stuart Lichtman

Developer of Cybernetic Transposition

I had a network marketing business, while I was successful I hadn’t experience the level of success that I was really looking for. I had come to realize that I was the stopping myself every time things got too successful I put the brakes on. I started working with  Monique (aka Aryana) doing one on one coaching and the effects were really phenomenal. The tools she taught me I used them all and what I found is that not only did my business improve, but every area of my life improved. I especially like, she talks about there is usually one key area of your life that when you address it and really start changing it, everything changes and that was certainly true for me. So for anyone who is considering coaching with Monique (aka Aryana), I would highly recommend you give it a try whether you want to do the group coaching or the individual coaching. she has a tremendous amount to offer for anyone looking for real change.
Pamela Houghteling

Network Marketer

I’ve seen a volume increase in orders of about 25%. I reached out to Monique (aka Aryana) for one specific reason, and that was to jumpstart my work that I had started with Stuart Lichtman’s Cybernetic Transposition processes. These processes in and of themselves are very profound and powerful, yet proper instruction in how to implement them is vital, and at times lacking in Stuarts materials. Monique (aka Aryana) showed me how to properly utilize these techniques and did I ever see a difference! I felt supercharged! She guided me through the Meta-Memory Process which pinpointed a key area in my life that when I resolved it, it changed the priority of my goals. For example, the three main objectives I had in mind before starting with her were financial in nature. However, we worked instead on myself as a person and the issues that came out of the Meta-Memory Process and also did a Past Perception Revision Processes together. It’s been about a month or six weeks since we’ve worked together and I’ve seen a volume increase in orders of about 25% and I’ve also made at least $1,000 without even lifting a finger, just out of job references, which while not a lot, I had not made $1,000 by referring jobs in any given YEAR before. Monique (aka Aryana) is very sincere, straightforward and has a great way if explaining complex processes. A big thank you to Monique (Aryana)! I’m so happy for the time we’ve spent together!
Ralph Evans


After working with Monique (aka Aryana), I not only achieved my goals 3 times, I exceeded them. Increasing my income 400% was only part of her coaching. The best part is that life stresses now roll off my back. I can say that I have kissed Fear, Doubt and Worry goodbye once, and for all. If you are an entrepreneur I urge you to take up Monique’s (aka) coaching, I am certain you will thank me.J

John Milton Fogg

Author, International Speaker, Greatest Networker in the World

Monique (aka Aryana) bailed me Out so now I’m free to achieve the things I value for my life. I’m a successful business owner, but I still felt like I was given a life sentence for fighting the same old fight everyday. I’m bombarded by emails, too much information, cell phone & fast food commercials, everybody screaming “You absolutely have to do this… ,and my own ambitions, frustrations and challenges. They were barring my ability to move forward quickly and easily. Monique’s  (aka Aryana) authentic personality and professional capabilities enabled her to meet me where I was and got me out of jail. She showed me that it was indeed a jail and it bar’s many people from being free to achieve their dreams. She showed me privately that it was actually locked from the inside, making it easy to get out once she gave me the Key’s. Ever see the movie Shawshank Redemption and you’ll share some of the same experiences and challenges both jail and freedom have in store for us. The light doesn’t always have to be at the end of the tunnel – Thanks to Monique (aka Aryana) I’m standing in it right now!

Bob Civello

Owner, Executives Impact Consulting

She has a way of inspiring confidence in her clients so they face their deepest and most limiting beliefs. If you want a path toward doing big things in the world follow Monique (aka Aryana).

Michael Port

Autho, Book Yourself Solid The New York Times Best seller

Within weeks of working with Monique (aka Aryana), I was offered one of the most exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that knocked my socks off and still sends thrills of happiness up and down my spine. Even though I achieved two of what I considered “impossible” objectives while working with Stuart Lichtman in his SACP, I felt something was missing. I’ve always had a nagging feeling that I am powerless to truly control and change my entire life for the better and on a more consistent basis. I just didn’t know how to make this happen. My answer came quickly. Stuart told his SACP coaching clients that Monique (aka Aryana) had been personally trained by him to be a Certified Cybernetic Transposition Coach. I immediately began working with her to tune-up my experience of the CT processes—-and Wow! Within weeks of working with her, I was offered one of the most exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that knocked my socks off and still sends thrills of happiness up and down my spine. And I’m achieving more “impossible” things on a daily basis now. With her intuitive, skilled, and caring manner, Monique (aka Aryana) works with me using CT processes, and she has gotten me through some of the toughest and most traumatic experiences of my life. Thank you, Monique (aka Aryana), for helping me to get back my power and my life. By the way after Taking Her Power Back she owns her own business now.

Marie S. Lee, MBA, CPA President and CEO

Value Based Leadership Consulting

I participated in the Highest Potential Training that started in November 2010. I enrolled in the program to increase my income, to improve my time-management, and to achieve my goals more reliably. One of the main skills I learned in the program is the Sub- Personality Negotiation. At times I have procrastinated on completing major projects at work, usually by working on smaller, less significant projects instead. In the last 6 weeks, I found myself procrastinating on 2 major projects. Willpower was not enough to get me to finish those projects. So each time, facing imminent deadlines, I did a Sub- Personality Negotiation as Monique (aka Aryana) taught us to do. Immediately after completing each Sub- Personality Negotiation, I plowed into the major project and completed it efficiently and expertly. From now on, I will do a Sub-Personality Negotiation at the beginning of each major project, so I make sure that I complete the project fast and efficiently, without having to lose sleep to meet a deadline. Thank you, Monique (aka Aryana), for teaching me that essential skill!

Lee M.


I want to give you this really great story about Monique (aka Aryana). I am sitting in front of my quickbooks looking at the balance in there wondering, “where did all this money come from?” then it dawned on me that it was because I had gone two months prior to her Acceleration Process: Remove Invisible Limits workshop. What really made it click for me was the balance in the account was the 20% above amount that Monique (aka Aryana) had us write down during in the class. That was where it came from. Thank you so much Monique (aka Aryana) it has been wonderful.
Shonna Jordan

Jordan and Jordan Marketing

Hello my name is Toni Valenzuela and right now I am a Funeral Director with San Diego Funeral services. I took Monique’s (aka Aryana) Highest Potential Training” about three years ago, in a very different field, but I have applied so many of the techniques and practices today in what I am doing in relationships, business and otherwise. It has totally changed the way I view and the way I work with people, especially in my business, with grieving people. I had to learn how to protect myself and I learned that from Monique (aka Aryana), I am very grateful.

Toni Valenzuela

Funeral Director

I never like to miss a call, I get a surge of energy and inspiration out of them. “We all have this baggage and we can either choose to break through it or have it hold us back. Monique’s (aka Aryana’s) outstanding strategies give you the tools to work through the challenges we are faced with every day in ourselves.

Theresa Wright

Young Living Gold Distributor

Just after a few weeks of experimenting with CT, I can see why I have failed in the past to reach my goals. I have worked with Monique (aka Aryana) over the last few months using some of the CT processes to help me accomplish a big goal. Though I’ve not reached my target date yet, I am so impressed with the tools and processes from CT I wanted to share my experience. I’ve worked in personal development industry for over 20 years. I know and have taught goal setting and goal achieving. Just after a few weeks of experimenting with CT, I can see why I have failed in the past to reach my goals. CT has given me specific know-how tools that build my belief in having my goal. Many times, while I’m doing the processes I feel like I’m in parallel Universes…the now and the moment of achievement. This is way cool! By clearing the subtle blocks I feel congruent, confident and certain about which action steps I need to take to achieve to reach my target.

ReGina Concotelli

Transformation Coach, Human Design Analysit & Facilitator, Energetic Healer

I went into the course thinking I already knew myself but as the course went on I learned how to apply that knowing in real life situations. Aryana never takes on the role of drill sergeant or never dictates what she thinks is best for you, rather she will always direct you back to your core self (your True-Self) as she calls it. I now have the ability to not be bogged down by other people’s problems and baggage instead whatever energy I wasted on negativity and lack of productivity is now being re-directed on getting what I want out of life in a fearless kind of way. This is not a course that is filled with a lot of pep talks and motivational speeches. It is course that taught me the how to accomplish the desires of my heart. Now when a certain type of person tries to push my buttons, I now respond in a very relaxed, grounded secure kind of way, every time. This program is a life changing way of getting in touch with what is right for you not other people’s opinion of what is right for you, but rather what will actually fulfill you with enthusiasm and fulfillment so you always and in every time now how to handle any situation that life throws at you. I truly have that ability now as I did not before the training. By the way the other members of the training were extremely supportive, while giving your own space to grow in your own way. I highly, highly recommend this program.

Hayle Sheldan

Monique (aka Aryana) personalized the coaching to my needs and after 3 months of working with her my income increased 300%. I had been working with another business coach for over a year and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. He focused on what he thought I needed to do. She personalized the coaching to my needs and after 3 months of working with her my income increased 300%. Additionally, through coaching, I realized that organization was holding back my business growth. By using the HPT processes I was able to rewrite this old habit. After organizing my office and business I increased my productivity by at least 50%.

Sterling Peters

Sterling Financial