Let me start with my gratitude to all the change maker coaches, consultants, and teachers who I’ve been blessed to meet.

Something that stands out in these amazing visionary entrepreneurs is that even though they have remarkable gifts and are stunning coaches they themselves can carry “resistance to change.”

What I’ve learned is no one is resistant to change, even me!

How do I know, you might ask?

I’ve been told asking questions is something I do well. I dig deep, then I gently ask more questions going deeper into their truth. 

Here is what I have observed in asking these deep questions …

When I ask a question that hits a pain point, something they’ve struggled with for a long time there is a contraction in their voice.  Yes, I can hear it. 

Before I offer my reflection, I gently ask, “May I put my coaches hat on for a moment?” Usually, people will say “yes” because who doesn’t want the reflection of someone who might see something?

As soon as I start speaking about the blinders I sense the “coaches who are resistant to change” hit back.  I literally can sense the conversation has shifted to a tennis game and something in them is resistant to the insight and rapidly hits back the “Insights” like tennis balls.  Nothing is getting in. 

No change is possible when that dynamic happens.

So, what is hitting back the tennis balls? What part of them is resistant to change?

My intuition says the pain point that was triggered is a “financial thermostat” the part of their unconscious that says “we’re doing all right, we’ve got a plan, next year is going to be the year where we’ll make it.  Just ignore what’s being said, we’re on track.” 

How do coaches and consultants who are guides for people on the path of change be resisting change? 

How can they be successful in guiding others to break through barriers?  Or are they?

We all have those areas of our life that we have settled to; they are named unconscious performance limits.

How would you know if you have an unconscious performance limit operating?

It’s all around looking at where we say to ourselves “This is good enough.”

Maybe, it is in your relationship.   The emotional connection is gone, but it’s comfortable and secure.

Or maybe, it is in your work and no matter how hard we work we can’t seem to break through the glass ceiling and income stays the same.

Or maybe, it is in how you feel in our body.  When you get dressed in the morning and have to suck our belly in to zip our pants we say to ourselves that gaining weight and losing energy is just part of aging.

Settling for something that isn’t fulfilling is soul-sucking. 

Imagine another year repeating the same story to yourself?  Doesn’t feel good, does it?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Breaking Through Barriers uses a proprietary system that helps you identify the precise amount of love, money, or well-being that triggers the financial thermostat to drags you right back to your comfort zone.

I invite you to take 4 hours of your life and identify your performance limit and do the process to elevate it to receive more love, money, or health into your life.  

What do you have to lose other then your comfort zone?

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