You Have the Freedom to be the Creator of Your Life

Within you is a vital living force of Source, the Universe, Creation, God; which when realized becomes your key to freedom. 

For me, true freedom is to create a life experience of my choosing. And I want that for you!

Even though your life at this moment in time may not meet your expectations, you have a hand in how your life is unfolding right now.  One could say, you are the creator of your life! 

Let’s address how expectations we hold, about other people, about our life, and even ourselves can negatively influence our life.  Sadly, we are rarely conscious as to where these beliefs originally came from, which means they have unseen power and are influencing us without our say so. 

We can feel discontent when we have a belief that life is simply about being happy, pain-free, and successful when our life doesn’t go the way the movies/books/our beliefs demand.

While you may experience moments of joy and fulfillment, it is more than likely your life has also been filled with painful lessons that have been hard to accept. Those pain filled lessons have contributed to who you are and have added to your living knowledge.   Being a creator means we are generating the kind of life experience we need for our growth and evolution.  Our experiences and knowledge contribute to humanity as well so no experience is for naught.

Fulfillment = Reality – Expectations

This is a “do it yourself life.”  We came equipped with incredible capacities.  Sadly, most of us forgot that.  We don’t even remember who we are, let alone have the conviction that we can create a life that is fulfilling.

Here’s Why

We have been entranced away from recognizing our power.  We fell asleep to the God-permissioned creative power which is inside each one of us. 

How We Forgot

It began by thinking that is was some form of accident that we had the parents we had.  Worse yet, we may have come to believe that our childhood was intentionally designed to stop us or prevent us from having the experience that would bring us to greatest fulfillment.

Here is what I know. We chose our parents.  We chose our upbringing, just as we selected our friends.  We chose our schooling.  We chose our partners.  We chose where we live.  We chose our career. 

It just looks like it was DONE to us, but that’s the ILLUSION.  By the time we are adults most of us are often bitter and frustrated.  Thinking “our life is not of our choosing! I don’t want this life. Life is not unfolding as we hoped!”

When we resist this truth or resent our soul decisions it keeps us in a loop of cause and effect.  We miss out on the learning possible.  Resistance ensures we repeat the past. 

Your Path to True Freedom

When you accept you had some hand in choosing your life,

when you see that your perceptions influenced the outcome, 

when you recognize you are the co-creator of the next moment of your life, you reclaim your creator power. 

From Acceptance, you can Cause a New Reality

You may be saying to yourself “I didn’t choose XYZ to happen to me…”  and you might be getting a bit angry with me at this point. That is a great sign that you have been triggered.  That means a part of your unconscious mind doesn’t agree with what I’m saying.

That part of your mind wishes to keep you holding onto the “injustice” of what happened to you. Some part of you wants to say :”There is nothing wrong with holding resentment about that event, it was so unfair.”  This voice of outrage only gets activated when you want to do something different and rise above your life history.  That is when you contract and stop yourself because that voice in your head keeps reminding you “Hey, remember the last time you trusted someone they betrayed you?”  This inner voice, loaded with emotion will influence your next experience.

If you have suffered in your life, I feel compassion. I am sorry for the pain you went through.  There is an incredible amount of suffering on the planet right now.

I am so direct with you here because it is my desire to free you to create a different outcome; one that is not imprisoned to repeating your history. 

Here is what I know; without reframing the “hurts” of our past is still has power to influence our future.   Blockers (self-defeating unconscious habits) want to continue to convince us that our future will be a recreation of our past.  They project fear and doubts upon what will happen based on what we have experienced and they will never allow you to believe anything new is possible.

When these blockers are healed we can create a future that is free from the burden of repeating your history.

There is Another Way

No, I am not going to say ignore it or distract your mind.  I recommend you meet it head on. Let’s address that arguing part.  Let’s start with the parts of your life situation you are not happy with.

  1. Get a blank piece of paper and start writing all the frustrating events, all the “wrongs done to you” until no more thoughts come to mind – then take a break and write some more. Get out all the suffering that you experienced – until you feel a sense of emptiness which will be replaced with calm.
  2. Begin to step into the creatorship of your life, imagine how you could have reacted differently instead of resisting or resenting the experience.  You could find the hidden gem and lesson. Start to think about how you could reframe this event in a way that is empowering to yourself and your over all life. For example, I used to resent the fact that my mother forced her children to clean the house, make the dinner, even clean her room and basically, be indentured servants.  If I didn’t empty the dishwasher at night she would storm into my room, pull my arm yanking me out of a deep sleep yelling at me to empty it now.
    In my reframe I would have installed a lock on my door and I would wake myself up as she was approaching my room.  I’d hop out of bed and quietly go to empty the dishwasher before she said a word.
    Now as I have matured I have compassion for my mother and see how much stress she was was under as an overworked single mother of four children.
    Lastly, moving into acceptance as I reflect back on my childhood it gave me many life skills that contribute to my competency. With this acceptance I can forgive her and myself.  As you can see it is essential to move from resistance to acceptance, which eventually leads to forgiveness.

The ultimate forgiveness becomes forgetting; which is true freedom!

  1. Forgiveness establishes a blank canvas from with you can paint a new picture. Create anew. This next step is to imagine you have an intimate imaginary magical theater located in the center of your chest, above your heart.   This theater is where you try out what you might want to experience. Picture yourself accomplishing a goal. 
    In this inner theater, you can create fantastic experiences which you can choose to bring into physical reality, or you can just observe and decide that you don’t want to experience that.

At any moment you are free to retreat into your self-reflective theater. From this grounded and centered place you can quickly gain a fresh perspective on current life matters.  You can also learn wisdom from what has already happened to you. 

The most exciting feature of this self-reflective theater is that you will be able to generate new possibility for your life.

I have never felt life was random and just happened to us.  Since I was a child, I believed all humans were the causer, creator of their life experience.  I feel blessed that I can now give people access to the tools to make new possibilities for them and their life.

All humans have many core values which come from their True-Self, which has been said is the part of God that lives within each one of us. We will attract challenges to test how strongly we will hold to our intrinsic values.  If you have a core value that is ‘gentle, do no harm’ then you may find yourself in circumstances of abuse or violence that can push you to choose to react in turn with violence or to establish boundaries of self-care and walk away.

As we wrap up, you may already have an awareness of your causer, creator powers playing out when synchronistic events occur in your life.  You witness remarkable occurrences. 

At this point, you may wonder, “Why don’t sychronisitic events happen all the time?”  I believe they do, we are just not aware of them. It could be said many of us go through our life asleep at the wheel, asleep to our creative powers.

In one sense, our life situation is a like a screen play and we are the writers. An important fact is no one has permission to write our scenes for us; which means if we are suffering we can choose to end it. 

The Higher True Self’s mission is to not only remind you of the fact that you are a God-permissioned co-creator but to also provide the tools that will ensure a more successful navigation of your life opportunity, so you are free to make the most of your life.

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