Desirability is a powerful fuel for change.

Desirability triggers you to have access to your inner resources to create the outcome you desire.

Enthusiasm, vigor, knowing conviction is present when your desirability is high. You don’t have to talk yourself into something. You have the energy to do it. When you are connected to true desirability you are connected with an aspect of faith. You don’t know how it will unfold but you KNOW, KNOW, KNOW it will.

In actual fact when you are in that state of mind, your will has been activated and it WILL happen.

This certainty that ‘it will happen no matter what doesn’t come from you forcing correction it comes from effortless, right action. You feel an ease as you operate from the present moment.  This fills you with knowing and prompts you to what’s next, then what’s next.  It is like living life with a childlike openness to possibility which uplifts your heart.

If you have never experienced this kind of upliftment, likely the world has conditioned you to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. This is NOT what I mean by using our WILL properly in fact it is exactly the opposite.

If you feel fear when moving forward on something you really want it’s evidence that an Unconscious Performance Floor (UPF) has become activated.

Fear gets triggered when you are at a fed up/ toleration point and can’t take it anymore.  It is the sign that you are about to commit your will to change your situation.

The fear comes in to magnetically pull you back to the safe known state you have become accustomed to.

Imagine a huge magnet that is always there, as a force field which is active or not active pulling on you to stop.

This magnet (Unconscious Performance Floor) only becomes activated when there is a serious possibility of getting you out of the bucket of crabs. The other crabs in the bucket sensing your movement, pull you back down activating your magnetic Unconscious Performance Floor making sure you CAN NOT MOVE up and out of the bucket.

Your Unconscious Performance Limit’s (UPF) use any and all knowledge of your history.  Any fear-filled experience, you have ever had, can be used against you.  UPF’s stimulating negative thoughts, emotions and even body sensations.

These UPF activations are trying to stop making the change.  These UPF’s want you to stay in the bucket.

The negative emotions and doubts activate blockers (self-defeating unconscious patterns) which whisper in your ear  “it’s not worth it!”

The toxic thoughts continue “if I try and it doesn’t work out I will feel so disappointed. I couldn’t handle one more disappointment”.

Not all Dreaming is Created Equal

If you are high on dreaming but low on action your skill of dreaming of new live possibilities is being used against you. 

The hope that life could be different could represents a safe mental place of retreat when life gets hard.

This ‘dream’ maintains a hope keeping you going filling you with thoughts of, “it is better to hold my dream then attempt it and fail, then I would truly have nothing”.

By the way, this is the root cause of Fear of Failure.

Now back to desirability as a life force.

Did you know that desirability can help you float above this magnetic force field?

When you are operating life filled with belief, conviction, and knowing all obstacles between you and your desire fall away. 

Negative thoughts shrink like imaginary cartoon characters. 

You see through them and see they are not real in any way.

Operating from this place is absolutely possible when you understand how to raise your Unconscious Performance Floor, shrinking those imaginary fear characters (which are negatively charged emotional and even physical memories of fear, scarcity, and poverty).

You release the pulling down magnetic force filed by clearing these memories using Cybernetic Transposition so that when you reflect back on that memory there is no relevant ‘truth’ almost as if it happened in a past life or in a movie. The magnetic charge is gone.

The second part of the process is to uncover potent memories of when you were filled with emotions of enthusiasm, joy, hope, and faith. The energy of these emotions creates an upward pulling force uplifting you above the fog of the UPL – in essence, it creates an unending stream of desirability.

Raising your UPF can feel like one has been given a new chance at life. The usual worries and fears that plagued your mind are reduced to insignificant which means taking action on those areas of your life that you would love to resolve becomes joyous and energized – creating such a new perspective on living that you may feel you have experienced a rebirth of sorts.

Don’t allow the magnetic holding patterns of past failures to prevent new possibility in your life.

I invite you to Raise your Unconscious Performance Floor in the upcoming Highest Potential Program starting September 21st, 2019.