Do you see yourself as a leader?
Do you feel successful in your attempts to lead?

In this radio show I won’t be teaching you about Leadership in general but, rather, help you recognize biases that may be limiting your leadership expression.  In this way you can easily and naturally become a more effective leader.

You know that leadership need not be the arrival of the warrior on the white horse with flags flying.  Although that might be fun at times :).

The leadership that this radio show is talking about is developing the leader within.

Be it with family, business, in relationship and your spiritual journey. Your role is not to force a commonality of thought and action, but to encourage a strong individuality, remaining true to your truth and highest standards. In this way you bring all together by combining individual strengths, which in turn will take you in movement to a common goal for the good of all.

A True Self Leader does not lead by issuing orders
Or setting limits;
Rather, leads by encouragement,
Working together for
The common good.

In General Sun Tzu’s (722–481 BC) The Art of War his sage teaching is that the greatest leader does not lead from the front of the troops; nor do they lead from behind. The great leader leads from within. It is in this way the true and righteous power of a group, community, or relationship is actualized, and great things can be accomplished.

Achieving harmony in your projects with others or in your personal relationships is helpful for prosperity to flourish. This is accomplished by adhering the actions that have the constituents of honesty, sincerity, and integrity.

Leaders who are well prepared,
When met with ignorance or arrogance,
Maintain inner discipline
And are examples to all.

When people gather together it is natural that there will be differing views. 

Conflict that raises issues from jealousy and the quest for control and power. Seen in a positive light conflict creates energy. It is the task of the leader, the head of the group to convert the energy created by conflict into a positive force that can lead all concerned to their personal goals and those of the tribe.

To do this the leader must remain calm, devoted, and centered and move with integrity, compassion and kindness.

Keep in mind that these lessons do not only apply to your outer world, but they also are an awesome and significant arsenal to have with you on your journey of the road less traveled that leads to the inside.

You know a great leader may not necessarily be recognized as a leader at the time.

Leadership, as all great tacticians know, can be achieved invisibly, without outward acknowledgement. By maintaining a correct attitude egos are not challenged, and completion, love and abundance are assured.

We will cover in this radio show:

  • How to convert any doubts you may have around leadership and replace them with solid confidence.
  • Discover a way to naturally inspire your leadership abilities and that of others.
  • Confront your biggest fear around becoming the leader you desire to be.

I invite you to get a cup or tea or coffee, a piece of paper and pen to do the leadership exercise and have some fun.

You are already a leader and may just need to recognize it so it will manifest your greatness and express itself more consistently in your manifesting abilities.


Empowerment 101-Recognize Your Own Leadership Skills

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting Radio Show # 18