This radio show delves into the disease of doubt and how it scars your self-confidence.

You know, you weren’t born questioning yourself.  As a child, you likely believed anything was possible until you experienced an event that taught you otherwise.

Essentially, you were trained to doubt yourself!

Self-doubt is a disease which you can eradicate.  You can once again fill yourself with confident desire.

In this radio show, I talk about how doubt infects and sabotages your goal achieving and most importantly what you can do to restore belief and confidence in life.

You may wonder how does doubt get in

When you experience shock or any form of loss, it can create an emotional scar in your unconscious mind. This scar is completely hidden.  It’s designed to protect you from future losses. Nothing wrong with that unless it perceives a potential opportunity as similar to that scar filled moment.  Then the injury gets activated, and you won’t know what is going on…only that you aren’t following through on your goals. 

You will only see the effects of the scar, never the scar itself. 

Self-doubt scars can be resolved just like your body heals itself

But, unlike when you cut yourself, your body magically heals the cut. Your body does this automatically without you directing it in any way. It closes the wound so effectively that may not even see evidence that you were cut.  It is an amazing, wondrous thing that your body does this for you.

You might be wondering why emotional scars aren’t automatically healed?

The answer is complex and profound.  To do so would violate your free will!

Listen to this radio show to understand how you can use your free will to successfully reframe and rewrite disappointment and loss.  Almost like it “never happened.”   You can be equipped and confident to try again and accomplish your life-changing goals without fear, doubt and worry plaguing you.

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Free Yourself from the Disease of Doubt to Accomplish Your Goals with Ease

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting Radio