We all have experienced discouragements, failures and fears.  The issue arises when these fears project into our future, creating a fear ‘it will happen again’ or lack of hope ‘I won’t get what I want’, or ‘it won’t work for me’.

How do you embrace the prosperous view that ‘easy is good’ and that it is coming your way?   You begin with elevating your self awareness.

Lets talk about this quick 5 step awareness process to move into a more prosperous ‘higher self worth’ mind set.

In this 30 minute training you will learn how to recognize when unconscious resistance is active and is literally pushing away your desires.  By applying these simple 5 step self-awareness processes it will support you in staying in positive momentum.

Show # 2 Release Unconscious Resistance to Prosperity

by Monique Gallagher | Mindful Manifesting - Get the Message