Manifesting Mastery – Get the Message Show # 6

Who ever told us ‘happiness is overrated’ was downright wrong and here is why!

Happiness is not something that happens after success it is a per-requisite to success.

Happiness can be an emotional temperature taking to give you a true sense of how you are feeling on your path to achievement.   If you continually experience unhappiness on your chosen path that is a vital message to pay attention to. Either you are on the wrong path or you have a blocker (self defeating thought or belief) filling your head with negative thoughts.

In this podcast we will be talking about how desirability and love are one and the same thing.  They are your manifesting force. z

Desirability = Love 
Love = Desirability

I advise my students to only work on objectives that are a 10 in desirability.  A 10 in desirability feels like falling in love.  Falling in love with your objective.

Would you like to learn in 30 minutes how to use desirability and love to manifest your desires and understand the roles of your conscious mind and unconscious mind so you can use to be more successful in your manifesting? If so I invite you to listen to this weeks show on how to effectively use love/desirability in your manifesting efforts.