When was the last time you felt truly happy? 

When did you feel your life was effortlessly flowing?

Maybe it was when you were in a loving, supportive relationship.

Or you were doing work you enjoyed and received recognition for your contribution.

Perhaps you loved being a mother, and your children are now grown.

Being a mother gave you so much joy, and maybe now you feel the purpose is gone, and you miss that feeling. 

You admit you’re unhappy but don’t know how to get your ‘happy’ back.

Yes,you can accept that your children are grown, and no children nurture and support them.

Yes, you can accept that you are destined to be alone.

Yes, you can admit that work feels meaningless and you’re not making a difference.

Or you can choose to be happy and put on a happy face.

That’s right, choose.



If you’re reading this page, you realize “just choose” is not enough. You have previously chosen to change your life situation, yet nothing has changed. There’s a little jump in hope and enthusiasm to be followed by a ‘no, this isn’t it.’

The inner longing for fulfillment remains. You feel something is missing and don’t know how to satisfy that longing. So you ‘put on a happy face’ and tolerate your life feeling disappointed and frustrated with yourself.

 You are not taking action because a part of you longs for what ‘was.’

Your unconscious mind says, ‘I want to live in the past where life was easier.’

How is that working for you?

It’s sad but true . . .

Later tonight, millions will slip into bed, pull the covers up, and do the same thing they did last night, the night before, and the night before.

After twisting and turning to get comfortable, they’ll check their alarm, fluff their pillow, and then settle into the bed, just as their mind bombards them with an onslaught of painful memories and thoughts . . .

“It’s unbelievable . . . another day and nothing’s changed! I’m still in the same place with the same frustrations., why can’t I get past this?” 

No, that’s not quite right. The only constant in life is change. Your life has changed. You are now ready to claim your freedom from past regrets and past peak moments that create longing, and you are prepared to embrace living to your highest potential.

“What’s wrong with me?!!”

“Why can’t I take action? Why won’t I follow through? How come I always give up? Why am I always putting off what I want most to happen to another day that never comes?”

In short, “Why can’t I take action? Why am I so blocked?”



Are you ready to claim your deepest desire to manifest your authentic reality?

I accept myself.

How would responding to whatever life brings you without fear and control feel?

I know myself

Imagine… being the sovereign creator of your life.

I am the creative director of my life.


It teaches you how to manage your brain and become free of worry, fears, and self-doubt.

This program shows you how to live to your highest potential.

I am devoted to providing you with an empowerment toolbox. These tools you will learn show you how to build a bridge between where you are now and where you want to go to where you want to go:

  • Who you want to be
  • What you want to have

Your Personal Empowerment Tool Box Contains What You Need to:

  1.  Release negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviors so you can make the positive change you deeply desire
  2. Be present and inspired as you take action toward a life-changing goal.
  3. Become empowered and confident as you build a new self-identity, releasing past regrets and pain that create fear of change and the future.

Thank you for taking the first step by reading this post.

Life changes happen one step at a time. Starting from where you are…now.

I invite you to project 6 months into the future and imagine what life would be like when you get your ‘happy’ back and are once again on a fulfilling life path. I invite you to explore what will be possible for you here. https://www.HighestPotentialProgram.com