In Show # 3 we talked about how our unconscious mind is the record keeper of our life – it remembers everything that has ever happened to us.  This week we will be talking about one of the ways your unconscious mind communicates important life navigating information….through body feelings.

Sometimes body feelings are communications from a blocker (thought, emotion or behavior that is self-defeating) and that is when we really want to pay attention and resolve it.  At other times body feelings are the first time message from the unconscious mind like a sudden head ache.  Getting the message the first time those body feelings are communicated will make life much easier, let alone ‘head ache free’.

This show will walk you through an example of the key decision points (where body feelings may arise) when someone is making  a major change in their life.  You will hopefully be able to apply this example to your own life and become more self aware as it relates to body feelings.

Would you like to learn in 30 minutes how to pay closer attention to body feelings during key decision points in your life? If so I invite you to listen to this Get the Message Radio Show.