We aren’t trained in school that we have an unconscious mind and its vital role in learning and achieving anything we desire.  Do you realize your unconscious is the record keeper of your life – it remembers everything that has ever happened to you even from the first sounds in the womb?  It has gathered all this information and experience to assist you in manifesting your intentions today.  It can literally draw upon ANY experience you have ever had, any moving you have watched, any conversation you overheard to facilitate your success….but you need to be trained in how to get it to work for you.  These vital skills will enable you to create a more fulfilling and enriching future.

Now, since the unconscious mind draws upon your what has happened to you your history you may be noticing that some of what is happening to you isn’t what you want.  There is a reason. 

If you are like most of us some of your early experiences weren’t so wonderful. Which means that your unconscious mind is creating your FUTURE successes with old, outdated experiences, some filled with failure.  What do you do?   You obviously don’t want to recreate any of those negative experiences.  Which is why learning how to overwrite and re-frame negative memories into joyful successes is so empowering. It feels good AND if gives you unconscious mind better material to create future successes for you.  It learns what you want when you re-frame a past failure.  This is big stuff here.  You know when you learn how to feed your unconscious new thoughts and images to manifest desirable experiences you are freeing yourself from repeating history?

Would you like to learn in 30 minutes how to re-frame failure to success by creating desirable imaginary experiences that will feel ‘REAL’ to your unconscious mind? If so I invite you to listen to this show.

Show # 3 Empower Your Unconscious to Help You Manifest

by Monique Gallagher | Mindful Manifesting Radio