In this show, we talked about how you can use the awesome power of HOPE to your advantage to power assist your manifesting abilities.  Watching for hope eroders is essential.  You can erode confidence with self-doubt or even other people’s thoughts.

The guidance I give my students is all they have to do is to maintain their faith long enough to manifest their desire. And during that time to make sure they do not speak about their Intention to anyone.  Even our most beloved friends and family members can ‘burst our bubble’ by their fear or desire to protect us from disappointment.  KEEP YOUR OWN COUNCIL until you manifest your intention!

The way we do that is by checking in daily whether any doubts, fears have surfaced and if so you resolve them. Sometimes the resolution takes the form of actually mentally, emotionally and spiritually clearing the stuck energy, so you feel free to proceed with positivity.

Keep your eye on the target and don’t be sidetracked from other peoples’ fears or thoughts or your own.

You will learn a Daily Practice Process click to read on Facebook “Keep Your Eyes on the Target.”   This 10-minute process will help you keep your bubble of hoped for outcome immune to self-doubts from yourself or others so that you keep your eye on the target so that your beloved Objective is realized.

Show # 9: Keep Your Eye on Target - Hope Floats Your Dreams

by Monique Gallagher | Mindful Manifesting - Get the Message