Manifesting With the Mind Live Radio Show

 1st Thursday of the Month at
11 am Central Time (9 am PST, 12 pm EST)

 Some topics we will cover over the year:

  • How your unconscious mind communicates to you.
  • How to entice your unconscious mind to achieve your desires.
  • How desirability is essential to achievement of your objectives.
  • Does the unconscious mind sends its feelings out even if you hold back your feelings saying anything?
  • Is sickness a communications from your unconscious mind?
  • When something doesn’t go as planned is that a message from your unconscious mind?
  • Are emotions and thoughts communications from the unconscious mind?
  • How do you translate all these messages from your unconscious mind?
  • When something bad happens are you to blame?
  • When you don’t get the message from your unconscious mind the first time does it try again?
  • Free yourself from repetitive thinking?
  • How to release perfectionism and not reduce your desire for high quality?
  • How do express anger constructively?
  • How do you move past regret and move on with your life?
  • Why does the unconscious use body feelings to communicate?
    ….  more to come