In this show, we talked about how to melt mental fear. When we suppress our anger and pretend its not there it becomes frozen so much so that our anger can actually feel like fear.  As odd as that may sound freezing our anger cuts us off from its natural manifesting power.  Allowing fear to rule our decisions has long-term negative consequences…

  • Mental fear prevents change
  • Mental fear loves to control the outcome which may not be good for us
  • Mental fear freezes us from taking action

You may be wondering how anger can become frozen into fear.

To avoid discomfort we suppress feelings that are uncomfortable.  And anger is one of those uncomfortable feelings so we learn how to train ourselves to suppress it and freeze it out of action.

Mental fear lives on and when it is just barely triggered it incapacitates positive, forward moving action. Mental fear says it’s good enough where we are. Don’t rock the boat.

In this show I talk about how to thaw mental fear in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or stimulate anxiety.

Would you like to learn in 30 minutes a way to see fear differently so it doesn’t stop you from pursuing your Objectives?  If so I invite you to listen to this new take on fear.