Consciously creating my life has taken on a deeper meaning.   I witness the most impossible things materializing on a weekly basis almost as if the universe is winking at me and saying “yes, your thoughts do create your world.”
One New Year’s Eve many years ago I felt inspired to set intentions for the upcoming new year but I didn’t resonate with the idea of New Year’s resolutions.  After all most of us abandon them within the first month and then beat ourselves up for not following through. I know this is not good feedback to the unconscious mind. ANYTHING we intend we have to take some action on our unconsciuos mind starts to ignore our intentions and won’t muster the energy to help us get it done. 
Knowing how the unconscious works an idea suddenly popped into my head what if I projected into the New Year from a place of celebration and gratitude?  That way I could express gratitude to my unconscious mind for all its help AND then ask it for help with manifesting my intentions in the next year.
I can tell you that this little exercise was effective.  When I reviewed my desires the following New Year’s eve I was happily surprised how many of them came true, almost without effort.
Here’s the thing, if we end 2018 with feelings of regret we carry forward stuck energy into 2019, feeling burdened by our past.
My gift to you this holiday is the New Year – No Limits training.  This short exercise will provide completion for 2018 and infuse 2019 with new possibility and support from your Higher Self.
Do you want to learn how to Consciously Create the outcomes you deeply desire 2019?
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