In this show we talked about something we all assume we know how to do and in reality it is the Biggest Manifesting Hurdle…

and it is….

knowing what we want and staying focused on it.  It sounds much easier than it is.  If you listened to Mindful Manifesting Show # 11 Melt Your Fear you may recall I gave a little test the CERTAINTY of success of your desired outcome.  Most of us have trouble with it.  This is the problem as our unconscious mind sees it… ‘what does he really want, he can’t even hold his attention for a mere 15 seconds?’

Knowing what you want and being able to get the manifesting support of your unconscious mind is the first important step we will talk about. Know this; without this skill you can wish all day long and likely not succeed.  You need to know how to move through this hurdle.

In this show I share with you how to harmonize your desires with your manifesting power and how to take action on the communications from your unconscious.

Would you like to learn in 30 minutes how to experience more successful outcomes?  If so I invite you to get a piece of paper and a pen to make some notes on specific questions I frame to listen in on the Mindful Manifesting Radio Show.

Show # 12 Overcome the Biggest Blocker to Manifesting

by Monique Gallagher | Mindful Manifesting Radio Show