At first, this may seem like quite a leap especially if you are in a job you don’t like, a relationship which doesn’t meet your needs or have a chronic health condition.

If any of that is going on for you right now, I have compassion for you.  Sometimes when life feels difficult a certain kind of momentum sets in so, we can get through the day.  Our unconscious mind can influence us into tolerating and accepting things we really don’t want.

It takes courage to turn this viewpoint around, let alone to heal the issue.

I applaud you for your courage to commit to change. You are taking the first necessary step by reading this article.

Let’s get started.  Have you seen a movie where you got to see behind the scenes in how a movie is produced?  Likely you noticed the director giving directions to the actors,  paying minute attention to the minute details necessary to set the mood of the stage, and telling the cameraman when to cut and print, and more.

Now you likely know that the director of any movie project has access to a huge staff.  They don’t have to figure everything out for themselves. They have many, many advisors, location scouts, makeup artists, historians, costume experts, vocal experts and more.

You also, don’t have to figure everyone out on your own.  You have vast creative problem-solving resources. You just have to ask for help.

Your creative part lives in your unconscious mind.

It stores the vast repertoire of everything you have ever experienced.  Even if you aren’t consciously aware of what you did when you were five years old to get applause from an audience or what you did when you were 20 years old and talked the police officer out of giving you a ticket, it is all in there.  You have untold skills and abilities some of them you may have never even tapped into.

You, as the creative director of your life have access to the knowledge and skill set that your unconscious mind holds. 

With just a little bit of training, you can learn how to ask questions of your unconscious so it can provide you valuable insight to help you quickly solve problems. Instead of worrying or stewing about something you can rely on your unconscious to give you relevant guidance to turn around a difficult situation into one that is harmonious and successful.

The first step; you have to see that it is possible for you to be the creative director of your life.  Each time you feel discouraged and think nothing is changing I want you to write that moment down.

“Get the Doubts Out” Exercise

  1. Record on the top of a piece of paper; Doubts and add these columns.



Where and Who

What Happened?





  1. Put the date and time of the moment when you had the doubting thought or feeling. The more specific you can get the better as you might notice there are certain times of the day when you feel low.  Once you know, for example, that at 3 pm every day you crave sugar, and you are trying to stop eating it, you can choose to do something that will distract you from more positive behavior, perhaps take a walk.
  2. Then record the thought or behavior that triggered the doubting moment. You don’t have to record paragraphs, just a few lines.  The “Get the Doubts Out” exercise can be helpful for you later when you learn how to reframe unconscious self-sabotaging habit patterns.  Save this paper in a secure place so you can refer to it when you start getting to the cause of blockers.

The above simple steps will bring about awareness which is the first step to change. 

If you are ready now to learn how to transform unconscious habit patterns from self-defeating to self-empowering click here: Master the Basics of how to Manifest.