In Show # 6  we talked about how Happiness is Essential to Achievement and the importance of falling in love with your objective. Love IS  your prime manifesting force.

In this radio show you will learn about an essential first step to reconnect your manifesting force. It’s straightforward but often very hard to pull off.

Here it is the key – to love and believe in yourself and your own capacities!

I am not talking about a narcissistic love of self. I am talking about self love, self respect, self worth.

As you contribute to the creation of your life you can see at any moment in time the degree to which you truly love yourself. If you generally have a feeling of fulfillment, joy and a background sense of ‘life is good’ it’s likely you have a healthy degree of self-love.

If on the other hand you are generally frustrated and in un-fulfilling work or  relationship you likely have resistance to self-love.

Reconnecting to your manifesting life force takes three steps..

  1. Accept your past life choices. Listen to Show # 7 Three Powerful Keys to Change for more detail.
  2. Believe in your capabilities, independent of what others think of you.
  3. Take action;  even small steps towards that which you desire is a form of self-love. 

It goes without saying that we need to do all the above obviously harming others.  Everything we desire to create ideally is to be “for the highest good of you and of all involved”.  Living life from this place ensures that our actions should be karma free.

Listen to this show to put YOUR wishes and desires back into the picture.