Whoever came up with the label Failure?  I am pretty sure the person who came up wasn’t about empowerment :).

What if it was just a made up label to erode hope and willingness for us to try again?

But, wait you might be saying I have experienced failure. “I wanted something to happen, and it didn’t work out.” “I was fired, or I got divorced, or I gained all the weight back that I lost.”

I would have compassion if any of that happened to you. I don’t want you to let that ‘lack of success’ BLOCK you from going after what would bring fulfilling and joy to your life.  There is a way to set Objectives without pushing and forcing our mind or projecting fear of failure on it.

What if it was possible to erase the term ‘failure’ from your vocabulary and most importantly your expectation of failure, would you want to learn how to do it?

Listen to this 30 minutes show to find out how to make ‘failure’ experiences matter less.  Discover how to stop generating ‘fear of failure’ blockers instantly.

Reframing Failure so That There is No Such Thing As Failure

by Monique Gallagher | Get the Message Show # 5