Regaining your inspiration on projects and commitments you really don’t want to do can be difficult.  We can find all sorts of things to work on except for the very thing that would make a difference in your life. Those things that after you get it done, you’ll get on the phone to your best friend and say, “I did it!”

Without Getting Clear on What’s Right For You – Procrastination Can Rule the Day.

  • Do you have projects or commitments or opportunities on your plate that you’re ignoring?
  • Has guilting yourself into action stopped being effective?
  • Do you wonder if you should let certain commitments go, but you don’t want to let people down?

I invite you to watch this 14-minute video below and get access to an exercise that I usually only teach my clients.  Please get a piece of paper and a pen and follow along with the exercise.

Would you like to regain your inspiration?

If so, watch this video to learn how to do the Project Inventory Process where you’ll:

  1. Become aware why you’re procrastinating as you see where your energy has been tied up
  2. Recapture the energy you’ve invested in projects that have reached their expiry date
  3. Let go of the guilt that you should complete something and you are still guilting yourself to complete them.
  4. Regain your inspiration again and remind yourself why you started the project in the first place
  5. Learn how to power through to completion on the projects that are right for you.

If you enjoyed this quick exercise please leave a comment below and share the insights you got and what maybe what you got completed with all the newfound energy you have.