The subject of this radio show is one that is near to my heart.  As a recovering perfectionist I have had to train myself that done is better than perfect AND to still feel good about the result.  Putting shoddy work out there isn’t the answer NOR is it the answer to take years to make something ever so perfect as we can miss the opportunity to serve and assist people when they need it most, which is right now.

To begin I have two questions for you to consider; you can even write down the answers.

  1. In what area of your life do you FEEL you are under-performing?
  2. In what area of your life do you pressure yourself to perform to someone else’s expectations?

The answers reveal an underlying message as to WHY you feel a need to perform to a standard that is not serving your highest good.

I invite you to get a piece of paper and a pen to make notes of anything that strikes a cord with you.

In this show I address the following topics in a way that will playful allow you to release the need to be perfect while naturally increase your performance:

Topic 1:  How to let go of over thinking things
Topic 2:  Play at life more as if it were a game
Topic 3:  How to celebrate your efforts even if you make a mistake
Topic 4:  How to target what you want and let go of the how it will happen

Enjoy the radio show while you enjoy releasing the pressure on yourself!