Happy Holidays,

2015 was a difficult year for many people.  Many of us had to accept forcing no longer worked and we had to find a gentler way to get things accomplished that allowed us to align with our inner truth. 

We are about to release this year of growth and I wish to celebrate with you.

Even though 2015 may have been filled with challenge I am certain there were some successes.  I wish to support you in finding those successes.  When we recognize our efforts/wins/successes it empowers our unconscious mind to better serve us.  When our unconscious mind ‘hears’ how pleased we are which its efforts it becomes even more motivated to work harder for us.  Which means we don’t have to force ourselves to get things done by pressure and coercion…in 2016 we will have even greater support at the time we need it. 

To support you in accomplishing your intentions we are starting a ‘Get the Message’ radio show.  We begin next Wednesday.  In this show you will learn a step by step process to ring out the old year so you can project into 2016 with clearly defined intentions.

By the way, each year when clients do this process they are pleased to see how much they accomplished.  From that place of gratitude they can project their intentions with increased optimism into 2016.

Would you like to feel a sense of accomplishment for 2015 and empower yourself more fully in 2016?
If so, grab a piece some paper and pencil click play and get started celebrating and projecting.

Show # 1 Resolution Rescue - Conscious Creation in 2016

by Monique Gallagher | Mindful Manfiesting - Get the Message