The Manifesting Guidebook for Intuitive People
The Manifesting Guidebook for Intuitive People
What if when you made a wish someone was actually listening?

Someone who could make that wish come true?

What if there was a part of you:
-That was an objective observer noticing all your thoughts and feelings
-That recorded everything you thought, felt, and experienced
-That actually had manifesting capabilities

That manifesting part of you wants to help. All you need is to know how to communicate your intentions and desires.

Get started now with this guidebook that was written specifically for intuitive people who already know how to manifest but feel blocked and frustrated.
Price: $27.00
Realign With Your Manifesting Power - Private Coaching
Realign With Your Manifesting Power - Private Coaching
When we're burdened with negative thinking it blocks our manifesting abilities.
In just 30 minutes we'll get you aligned with your Higher Self so you can manifest from a place of calm and ease.
Price: $45.00
Move Through Resistance and Into Fulfillment - Private Coaching
Move Through Resistance and Into Fulfillment - Private Coaching
We start with connecting with your Higher True Self. From that place it is easy to identify what's in the way of you manifesting your intentions. With that higher wisdom we’ll develop a step by step strategy to get that energy moving so you are inspired action.
Price: $95.00
How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast
Don't judge a book by it's title!

This book might be for you, if you have followed Dr. Joe Dispenza, Eckhardt Tolle's, or Abraham Hicks work you know how negative emotions undermine our ability to live fulfilling and happy lives.

- This book/audio program guides you step by step HOW to permanently resolve the self-defeating thoughts and emotions that our Ego uses to sabotages our peace of mind and manifesting abilities.

- Includes eBook, professionally recorded Audio Book, and audio assignments so you can start clearing negativity blockers right away.

- And learn how to set and achieve your objectives using the power of your unconscious mind.
After you get it watch this video to learn how to get the most from this eBook/audio program

Find out more
Price: $97.00
Essential Oils
Essential Oils can... facilitate your body to release what no longer serves you; like pent up emotions such as anger, essential oils are also naturally detoxifying, they help you reduce acidity and restore alkalinity, and can uplift and inspire simply by their fragrance. Request your 30 - minute complementary Wellness session to determine which oils are aligned for your optional well-being. Go to and book an appointment
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Destress, Relax, and Revitalize Yourself Guided Meditation
Destress, Relax, and Revitalize Yourself Guided Meditation
When we feel relaxed, safe, and peaceful it gives us access to creative problem solving. When we try to solve problems without access to the creative resources of our unconscious mind we can feel ill equipped, overwhelmed and even anxious.

Our conscious mind is not designed to solve problems on its own. We tend to focus on putting out fires, quick fixes. It is fight or flight mode. No one operates well from that place. Neither can we access the vast wisdom of our True Self let alone make good decisions using the creativity that lives in our unconscious. This is a powerful guided mediation that can help you release the pattern of useless fretting and worry which generates the background state of anxiety.

Please set aside about 45 minutes for this process. Do this process where you will not be disturbed as you need to allow yourself to go into a deep meditative trance state so your mind, body and spirit can restore wholeness and integrity.
Price: $9.97
Breaking Through Barriers Video Training
Your Unconscious Mind Holds the Secrets to Unlocking Your Full Potential

What will be possible when you...

- Eliminate fear?

- Remove the subliminal programming that blocks you from taking action?

- Open your heart to receive more love into your life?

- Blast through financial barriers?

Do this an more in our self-paced video course.

Price: $159.00