Most of us have heard stories of lottery winners or people who receive an inheritance who burn through it within a few years. Sadly, sometimes they can even end up being worse off than they were before the money came into their life.

What is going on here?

The answer lies in the way the unconscious of a person works.  Why this happens to some people and not others can be understood from the Cybernetic Transposition perspective.  In this show, you’ll learn how the unconscious actually causes the unfortunate wastage of money and opportunities.

If you are seeking greater riches or more love in your life you will want to listen to this show.

So how can you avoid the shock of success?  If you have done your Cybernetic Transposition inner work, when success comes it naturally integrate into your life. You can also prepare for managing your success to sustain the windfall so it is not lost by unconscious spending habits.

You’ve likely heard stories of people who were an “overnight success” and then we discover it was really 10 years in the making!

Becoming successful takes preparation and it’s not likely the preparation you think. It’s not about getting better at your craft, or about thinking positively, or even selecting the right lottery numbers.

Here is what it is about.

It’s about you knowing yourself, accepting yourself and becoming the conscious creator of your life.

In this show you will understand the underlying reasons if you went from success to struggle that it is likely due to a shock or past “failure” that your unconscious mind is trying to protect you from experiencing again. Listen to this radio show to learn how to expand your current capacity to receive more success, more love, more joy, and more prosperity into your life.

Here is a silly visual to example what I am talking about. If your car holds 10 gallons of fuel, suddenly after a car accident it dropped to being able to hold only 3 gallons.  You wouldn’t be able to take long trips after that, right?  Your unconscious works in a similar fashion.  After a failure, life shock or significant loss your capacity and belief in “pain free success” evaporates.  Everything seems to come at too high price as far as your unconscious mind believes.

In this radio show I talk about how you can expand your emotional fuel tank to where it will naturally be able to not only recover from the shock of loss but also be able to learn to hold even more, more joy, more love, more prosperity, more success. Learning how to expand your current capacity to receive more goodness and all the success that comes with that state of being is vital to being able to sustain the success once you manifest it.

We can attract valuable opportunities, ones that can create a breakthrough in success, but with an unconscious performance limit running it is likely you won’t follow through on it. Somehow the opportunity will get messed up, lost completely or simply not taken advantage of.

How this happens. Our financial set point can be altered negatively by dramatic events in our life especially those where our self-esteem is impacted. We can also experience a sudden shock where we lose everything. Remember your unconscious is trying to protect you from that ever occurring again so it will STOP you every chance it gets to prevent loss – even if there is a huge potential for gain.

In this radio show you’re going to learn a way to grow your capacity to put more petrol in the tank, more money in your bank more love and joy into your life.

If you’re experiencing lack in any way in the areas of love, joy, money, or health you will benefit by listening to this show.

Remember you CAN expand your capacity to receive what you desire in a gentle way and at a safe speed and timing that is right for you!

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Show # 19 Shock Free Success - Prepare for it

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting - Get the Message Radio Show