Have you ever felt certain of a life path that you later regretted taking?  Was it unfulfilling right from the start or did you discover its lack of fulfillment after you tried to force yourself to make it right?

If so, that is an example of straying from your unconscious life plan.  Yes, we all came in with a plan.  Your Unconscious Life-Plan is intimately tied in with your integrity and your True-Self, the calm, knowing part of you that watches all of your activity, emotions, and thoughts without getting involved; the part that is available to you at all times but almost never thrusts itself upon you – a quiet voice of integrity.

But as our Personality Self grew and grew with schooling, more experiences, good and bad, the connection between our True-Self and the Unconscious grew increasingly tenuous until it almost disappeared around age 7 or 8.

Here are a few symptoms of not having a solid connection between your True Self and the Unconscious.

  • Low level stress that you can’t put down
  • Increasing anxiety or fear
  • Passionless feeling around work
  • Feeling emotionally isolated from others
  • Increased sensitivity to criticism or rejection
  • Health challenges, disturbed sleep, digestive issues or auto immune conditions

Schooling and other cultural influences put us in the interesting situation of operating more and more from our disconnected state.  The various aspects of our Unconscious that aren’t in touch with the source of our knowing, our True-Self have been making decisions for our life.

If that’s the case, we’ve lost track of what’s right for us.

The hopeful side is that once you have located your True-Self, you can use it as your inner mentor. 

Which means if you are someone who loves to do personal development work, by re connecting with your True Self everything you learn and work on will be that much easier more successful and fulfilling,

If you are someone who really wants to make a difference in the world AND make money doing something you love, by re – connecting with your True Self you will find that passion and have a much better chance at making it your life’s work.

If you are someone who wants to have a magical, loving relationship with your “perfect for you partner” by reconnecting with your True Self and having True Self select for you, you will have a much, much better chance to recognize this partner.

I invite you to listen to this radio show to regain connection back to what is right for you.

Harness the Power of What You Were Born to Do!

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting Radio Show