The world is challenged right now and likely you have a concern about what is going on and how it might impact you.  Without your conscious awareness fear and negativity can seep in creating worry. 

How do you know if the world’s fear and negativity have been impacting you?

Consider the following …

When you are worrying, do you question your thoughts or feelings?

Or do you assume all your perceptions are real and genuine?

Hard to tell isn’t it, especially when the thought feels like it is coming from inside of you?

If you have ever had an “aha” moment and said, “I never thought about it like that.”  You already know that your perceptions aren’t permanent. 

Perceptions can change with what is going on in our life.

While some perceptions come from experiences that were fantastic and you want more of them – those are positive impressions.
There are others that were filled with loss, anger, fear or frustration which apparently have become negative perceptions.
Can you guess which experiences influence your future?
Listen to this show where I’ll reveal a way to rewrite history so that you can rise above failure and disappointment and soar to success.

PS. Life experiences might not be changeable, but our perceptions surely are.

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Show # 21 Who Would YOU be Without Worry?

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting Radio