Wow, it has been a month since the last Mindful Manifesting radio show.  I’ve been on a True-Self retreat in the mountains of Utah. There is nothing like stepping back and spending time in nature to gain a new perspective on life.  Amazingly I was able to ski in May!

I can’t wait to share the insights with you.

Firstly, I want to welcome those of you who are new to Higher True Self.

You may have found your way to us by requesting our guide on Get Radical Focus and Overcome Overwhelm or perhaps you are learning Cybernetic Transposition.  Whatever the reason I am glad you are here especially given the important topic of problem-solving.

Just yesterday, it dawned on me how unresolved problems ruin our peace of mind and being able to be loving with family and loved ones.

You know…

I suspect the underlying reason for relationship issues and ultimately divorce is the inability to solve life problems.

The unresolved problems accumulate and anxiety, fear can lead to resentment. In relationships you often see the blame game starts.  – it’s the other person’s fault that life isn’t going well.

Over time these unresolved problems become this dark cloud covers up the love.

We all have problems, even Eckhardt Tolle does.  The troulbe is that we aren’t taught in school an effective way to solve them.  Talking out our problems rarely helps; we need another way.   In this radio show, you will learn a simple and effective way.

Think about it…
having a successful life is a result of being a good problem solver, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Whether the problem is not having enough money to enjoy life or…
  • Relationship conflict or…
  • Feeling down in the dumps; not following your passion or…
  • Stretched too thin and not able to get all you need to get done.

Are you trying to solve a problem that seems beyond your reach? 
Do you feel overwhelmed?

Unresolved problems don’t simply go away, they pile up and add to our already stressed life.  This leads to even more stress. 

I can relate to not knowing how to handle something, thinking the problems will magically be resolved.  The Scarlet O’Hara method, “Tomorrow I’ll think of some way, after all, tomorrow is another day!”

The issue is that most solutions never just drop in and the problem grows to what feels like an impossible size. So then we put off even trying to handle it.

What I learned is that the size of the problem was ‘all in my mind’ ALL problems are solvable when we have the right TOOLS.

In this new radio show, will guide you through a three-step method that will help you solve any problem that is a level of difficulty between a 1 to 4 (difficulty rating on a 1 to 10 scale, where 10 feels impossible).