Did the chalkboard picture above remind you of fond memories of creativity at school?  Or did it remind you of the pain of being forced to write out your mistakes 100 times while the rest of the class laughed?  Or maybe you are thinking, “I really don’t care what the picture means!”

On a daily basis we can be reminded of difficult moments in our life.  Sometimes we ignore it sometimes we get triggered and react. To stay on track with our objectives it is more a matter of what we do when we are triggered.  Do we let it ruin our day or do we become aware we were triggered and stay present continuing to move forward on our Target. 

Are you beginning to see why this important for you to understand?

Your unconscious mind has been receiving information throughout your life at such an alarming rate you can’t even begin to imagine it.  And here is the most important thing to be aware of… your unconscious mind is interpreting any new opportunity through the filter of your history. It is making FUTURE opportunities that you need to make a decision about with emotional information due to PAST failures.  It doesn’t look at your age and skill level today. Nope, it just looks to avoid familiar experiences that might result in loss.  AND these decisions fast, reflex based actions, like driving a car.  And you know once you learn how to drive a car you never forget it.  Once a reaction becomes a habit you don’t have a say how your unconscious mind will react.  You just witness the consequences of its decisions when life isn’t going your way.  Just like the memories that came up when you saw the chalkboard reminding you of your experiences at school.  Your past experiences WILL dictate your future as long as your unconscious mind is making the decisions.   Remember it works with what it has access to and its files are filled with what has happened to you so far.  Kind of like an automaton which repeats what was first put in there.

Don’t feel despondent at this information.  Knowing it can send thrills of hope and joy to you when you understand that there are ways to recognize when you are repeating history.  You can learn how to permanently re-frame any pain-filled moment where you gave your power away (like in school).  These school memories or any “failure” memories can be transposed into success skills which will empower you today when you are in a situation of being intimidated by a teacher or giving your power away to a person in authority.

Let’s get on with how you can capture these important messages as they are happening to you.  As you go about your day you have access to valuable clues as to how you ‘are really feeling’ and ‘what to do about that problem at work’ or ‘how do I talk to my spouse about our budget?’.  Your unconscious mind is communicating to you ALL the time and can help you make life flow more successfully for you.  When you start to make decisions using ALL your senses,  not just your reasoning brain they tend to be the right decisions for you; ones you won’t later regret. 

How does your unconscious mind communicate to you?  It uses everything it can.  It has access to your physical body; your hormones, your digestive system, of course dreams, and even subtle body feelings. It can even orchestrate events in your life to send an intuitive knowing or shift your mood.  All these forms of communication are there to provide you with the “how” to achieve your Objectives, make better decisions or be more loving and compassionate.

Did you know that when you attempt to make meaningful changes in your life there will be things (your own blockers or other peoples blockers) that try to keep you in the bucket.  Hey crabs like company, right?

Now back to you.  How can you translate the messages of your life accurately and better yet be able to use it to navigate decision points in your life?  As one example :)…. if you are considering enrolling in the Highest Potential Curriculum for Self Mastery I want to talk with you.   I ask that you watch the replay of Mindful Manifesting:  Cultivate Your Magical Personality then email me and we will schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Show # 13 Manifesting 101: Staying on Track

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting Radio Show