Are you someone who berates yourself when you make a mistake?

Society trains us to be hard on ourselves and others. Thinking this will motivate us to be better. 

Given this insidious training in self-criticism how can we move from criticism/competition to collaboration? I’m not only talking about collaboration with other people.  I’m talking about creating harmonious cooperation with ourselves.  How do you stop the incessant noise of self-criticism and beating yourself up because you believe up aren’t good enough, young enough, rich enough, smart enough, fit enough or something else?  That is the essential question you need to answer to be able to manifest your deepest desires.

How Can You Begin? 

  • First step is awareness! When we  notice we are comparing our youth or level of fitness or success with money to another stop and catch it. Say and do something kind to the person you were comparing yourself against.  This trains you to switch the habit off. As a side benefit you will notice yourself being gentler on yourself.
  • Second step is to on purpose find ways to cooperatively give (which means you also receive), encourage, share your love, recognize anothers uniqueness.  When you are out shopping or in a meeting at work look for what is right in the environment or the person and tell someone about it.  When you see the beginning of competition from someone else instantly drop into love, understanding and giving. – Neutralize it –. This stops the cycle of mutual psychic attack. 
  • Third, build cooperative situations – teams, families, partnerships and where everyone plays a key loving role and are recognized for it even if it is some choose the role of being the paper towel dispenser. All humans are born equal. But unfortunately all humans aren’t given the resources, training, the education,  and the loving support to stay equal.  Everyone needs an encouraging remark.

Make a commitment to yourself that comparison and competition ends now.

At the end of the day we are the ones who will suffer.

  • Cooperation unites
  • Competition divides

Listen to the radio show where I will give a message that contains a way to free yourself from this self defeating habit of fighting yourself.

Show # 15 Success Habit: Stop Fighting Yourself

by Aryana Rollins | Mindful Manifesting Radio Show