Get the Hidden Message of Anger

Do you get angry when things don’t go your way?

Or are you someone who shrinks and cringes when someone gets angry around you? 

In this radio show we will be talking about the underbelly of anger and the upside of anger as well.  You will learn how you can use the intense and sometimes scary energy of Anger.

Most of us have been taught anger is negative. We have become brainwashed and conditioned ourselves to either suppress it or project it at others by blaming and then getting angry at someone else.

There is a higher purpose to anger that can be used to manifest positive change in your life.

So stop shaming yourself if you are someone who tends to fly off the handle. And stop making yourself wrong for having anger and suppressing it. Anger suppressed damages your health. Anger projected on others damages their health.

Please listen to this show where I will be talking about how the energy of ‘Not Having it’ can illuminate areas of your life where we need to ‘get the message’ and take appropriate action. You will learn an exercise that will get you in touch with the constructive use of anger.

Would you like to learn a way to re-connect with your Anger direct it to achieve your objectives?  If so get a piece of paper and a pencil and press play.

Show # 10: The Hidden Message of Anger

by Monique Gallagher | Mindful Manifesting: Get the Message Radio Show