Three Powerful Keys to Change

If you are like most people when change is forced upon you you dig your heels and resent it. We all want to feel in charge of our lives and that means to be the causer of the changes we want.

To do that you need to be at the forefront of knowing what you want and knowing what is unchangable about your situation that you simply have to accept.

In this weeks Radio Show you will learn about how to use the 3 Keys to Mastering Change.  I will be giving you some ways to release, project and accept which will infuse you will more manifesting power.

For a sneak preview, here is Key # 1 Accepting What Can Be.  Listen to the radio show to learn how to apply this key and also the other two keys so you can stay motivated, inspired and certain you will achieve your desired outcome.

Three Powerful Keys to Change

by Monique Gallagher | Manifesting Mastery - Get the Message